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Wine is love, drinking it is an art, and Armenia is the place where one should drink wine.

The “©Yerevan Wine Days” event, which has an important place in the development of the Armenian tourism industry, will be held for the 7th time in a more extended version. The main goal of the event is the same – to promote event tourism in Armenia and to ensure the recognition and popularization of our country as one of the oldest winemaking cradles.

The YereWineDays campaign will last one week, from May 29 to June 4, the festival will be held from June 2 to 4 of June, from 16:00-23:00, on the central streets of the city: Tumanyan-Saryan-Moskovyan crossroads.

During the campaign, several charity dinners will be held with an invited international sommelier and with a special wine set menu. The dinner will be accompanied by a wine master class presenting narratives of each wine. Tickets will be available from January. We are going to organize also master classes for focus groups: HoReCa segment representatives, young winemakers, and wine enthusiasts.
The next initiative during the “YereWineDays” campaign is restaurant week with the participating restaurants. During one week the restaurant visitor will be introduced to the special menu with a wine treat. The next exciting news is that the “YereWineDays” campaign will be held in supermarkets too helping to promote Armenian wines. The festival visitors will have also a chance to buy or order 400+ wines from one spot.

The 3-day Festival area will be divided into several zones:

  • Armenian and Artsakh wine producers, restaurants, and cafes will be represented in the wine and gastro zone, which will allow the visitors to taste the wine with a combination of different dishes. Guests will have the opportunity to sample a total of 400+ types of wines from up to 50 wine producers.
  • In the wine master classes zone will be conducted 9 wine master classes in 3 languages, aiming to spread wine culture, which will be conducted by invited international winemakers and sommeliers. All master classes will be accompanied by wine tasting, which is why entry will be allowed only with a branded glass.
  • This zone will be located in the Expo area. The entrance fee will cost 10,000 AMD on the spot and a branded cup will be given as a gift to those who do not have it. The wine master classes tickets pre-sale will be available on the “Yerevan Wine Days” official website from January at a price of 5,000 AMD. And those tour operators who will order a “Wine Tasting Package” in advance will receive a wine master classes ticket for 2000 AMD (1 wine master class ticket = 1 Wine Tasting Package).
  • Music zone: This year we will have one large and bright stage, which will be located at the Tumanyan-Parpets crossroad. Visitors will enjoy high-quality music performed by various bands.
  • Charity zone: This year, we will also have a charity zone, where the NGOs involved in providing soldiers with education and health care will present their activities, collect money and sell items made by them.

Entry to the event is free for everyone, but to enjoy the presented wines, you need to purchase a special “Wine Tasting Package”. The “Wine Tasting Package” includes: a two-seater tote bag, a branded wine glass, 12 coupons, a booklet containing information about all participating winemakers, discount coupons for restaurants and other interesting and meaningful information, as well as special pages for making notes about preferred wines. The package will cost 12,000 AMD.
Apart from the packages, branded wine glasses will be sold separately for AMD 4,000 and coupons for 12 items worth 3,000 AMD.


This year, as a novelty, in addition to the festival section, winemakers will also be represented in the Professional Wine Expo section on the same days from the Zoryan-Moscow crossroad to the Moskovyan-Spendary crossroad. Expo will be separated from the main festival section. The main goal is to give the opportunity to business visitors of “©Yerevan Wine Days” the opportunity to taste the selected wines in the most specialized environment and to have a chance to talk with the relevant specialists of the winemaking companies, as well as to buy exclusively bottled wines. The platform can serve best for B2B cooperations. Entrance to the expo is free.


“Beer Days” is an annual event, which this year will take place on JULY 8-9, from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in Gymri on Sayat-Nova street.

The goal of the event is to present the traditions of Armenian beer, and the novelties appearing on the market, to spread food and drinks pairing culture, and, of course, to promote event tourism in Armenia.

The area will be divided into several zones:

  • Novelty – There will be a special master class zone, where you can learn the right combinations of Armenian beer and food. We believe that after these master classes, visitors will enter the booths to pair beer and food more professionally.
  • Beer zone – in this area, Armenian beer companies will present a variety of beers.
  • Food zone – here visitors can enjoy dishes and snacks that go perfectly with beer, complementing the taste of it.
  • Music zone – in this zone, guests will enjoy high-quality music performed by various bands. This year there will also be an invited rock band.
  • Game zone – beer games will be held in this zone. The game pavilions will be spread all along the street.

Entry to the event is free, but in order to drink beer, the visitor must purchase a tasting package worth 10,000 AMD, which includes: a large beer mug, case, 20 coupons.

The event area will be decorated with interesting multi-colored and bright illumination. Visitors will spend their day under crazy and rhythmic music.

This year we will also have a cultural section, where “Beer Days” will present you interesting facts about the history of beer through the banners placed on the street.


On the August 5th for those who love to relax in the open air will be held an event called “Country Summer Picnic”. The purpose of this event is to give locals and tourists 1 carefree day in the embrace of nature. This will help all of us to get away from the city bustle for a while and enjoy the beautiful bright scenery.
What’s going to happen during the picnic and how is it going to look?
All this will be organized outside the city, on a tidy plot. Picnic will be divided into different zones:

  • As a tradition, there will be a gastro-zone with food stands;
  • Cocktail area with bars, where people will be able to enjoy not only cooling drinks, but also shows from professional bartenders;
  • Standard recreation area: a territory for family leisure, where people can come with their blankets and everything they want (otherwise, everything you need can be purchased on the spot).
  • VIP rest zone: there will be teepee tents with blankets, large eco-friendly trays with fruits and cooling lemonades, bright pads, flowers, etc.;
  • Zone of master classes – there will be wreath weaving classes from the most beautiful field flowers;
  • Children’s zone with various quizzes (for example, pizza cooking) and interactive fairy tale-theatres, where parents can safely leave the children;
  • Zone with quizzes and contests for adults. For example, the visitors can make personalized cocktail with the help of bartenders. «Best cocktail» competitions on making drinks and so on.

All of this, of course, will be accompanied by atmospheric music!
The picnic will last from 10:00 to 17:00. However, for those who want to extend their vacation, there will be an opportunity to stay until 19:00 to watch a movie or the concert.
Entrance to the picnic is free, but in order to take advantage of all the possibilities that were mentioned above, the visitor will need to buy a branded shop, which includes: bandana, coupons, cocktail glasses and many other things. These coupons will be used in all areas to receive any goods/services. Also, it will be possible to book the VIP zone in advance, avoiding space shortage problems. More information, reservation and selling – from April 1st!


“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to our mind, flight to our imagination and life to everything”, and the “Yerevan Music Night” event gives an opportunity to experience all of that in one place. In 2023, the event will take place on the second Saturday of SEPTEMBER, September 9, from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in the Charles-Aznavour Square.
In 2023, there will be live music performed by popular and recognized Armenian singers, bands and foreign specially invited guest-singers or groups. During these 7 years, “Yerevan Music Night” has hosted world stars like Lou Bega, “Modjo” band’s soloist Yann Destal, famous Danish performer Tomas Nevergreen, a famous Ukrainian group “BandEros”, and famous German singer Oceana.
The festival-gastro part, which has become an integral part of the event, will be provided by “EventTura” company. There will be food and drink booths for tasting alcoholic beverages, cocktails, local and international cuisine. Visitors will taste their favorite food and drinks in a beautiful environment accompanied by high-quality music. Entry to the event is free.


The “Areni Wine” festival, which is loved by many, is held every year in the village of Areni. Thanks to its 13-year activity, Armenia, in particular, the Areni village, has become famous in the field of international tourism. This year the festival will be held on OCTOBER 7.
The goal of the festival is to develop the Areni village, making it an attractive place to visit, as well as a cradle of winemaking and an important component of the international wine route.
The festival consists of different areas:

  • Homemade Wine area, where local and neighboring regions residents will present their wines, as well as national dishes. There will also be various souvenirs boots throughout the village.
  • Production Wine and Food zone – here Armenian winemakers will present around 100 types of wines, restaurants will offer the best dishes of Armenian and international cuisine, a wide variety of cheeses will be presented in the boots of cheesemakers.
  • Music area – here guests will enjoy high-quality music performed by various bands.

The entrance to the festival is free, but if you want to taste the wines presented in the production wine booths, you need to purchase the special packages worth 5000 AMD. Packages include: wine glass, a souvenir from the event, а fabric branded comfortable case.


“METEXPO – FOOD, DRINKS, TOURISM” is a B2B platform in the Metaverse for Armenian tourism, food, beverage and related sectors service providers and international companies that are interested in Armenian production and Armenia.
Metaverse is a 3D virtual platform, where people can interact with each other through their avatars, in an almost real-world format.
The main GOAL of “METEXPO – FOOD, DRINKS, TOURISM” is to promote Armenian tourism and production, to create an opportunity for cooperation between Armenian and international companies, to increase the popularity of Armenian products, and to export domestic products.
The first virtual festival-expo in the region will be held on November 22-23 in 2023, it will be two days long. For details, you can contact Lilit Margaryan, tel. 094848105, e-mail:․

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